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FAAC 750 Pump Motor Assembly 230V - Includes Hydraulic Pump Enclosure
FAAC 750 Pump Motor Assembly 230V - Includes Hydraulic Pump Enclosure

FAAC 750 Pump Motor Assembly 230V - Includes Hydraulic Pump Enclosure

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Part Number:FAAC-1077251

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Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.


FAAC 750 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator.

The FAAC 750 system is designed for gate leaves up to 3.5 meters in width and 800 kgs in weight. The hydraulic pump is available with or without hydraulic locking in open and closed position. The system is discreet, quiet, powerful and efficient. The standard version has the gate sitting on the drive unit which acts as the bottom hinge for the gate. The CP version has a load bearing foundation box that supports the gate and the drive unit is simply fitted into the box. This enables easy access for service and maintenance.

Security and Safety

Our hydraulic lock system allows the gates to be held open or closed whilst anti-intrusion security is ensured by the addition of electric or magnetic locks. At the same time sensitive by-pass valves in the hydraulic system ensure the maximum anti-crushing safety - with a simple manual override on the pump unit that can be housed in a secure enclosure on the inside of the property.

High power and quiet efficiency

The 750 range is designed for gates up to 800kg per leaf, with hydraulic systems that offer super quiet operation with the added benefits of low electricity consumption, reliable under all atmospheric conditions, and at external temperatures from -20oC to +55oC. The 750 system is weatherproofed to provide additional protection against corrosion.


  •   Hydraulic Pump Enclosure
  •   455D Control Panel
  •   14"x16" Pre-Wired Enclosure
  •   Drive Unit with metal enclosure and top


FAAC 750 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator
Application Residential, light commercial (ideal for ornamental gates) single leaf or bi-parting gate (vehicles only, not for pedestrian use)
Cycles per hour 30
Maximum Gate Swing 110 degrees or 180 degrees
90 degree opening time 12 seconds
Maximum weight per gate leaf up to 1760 pounds (800 kg)
Maximum length per gate leaf Standard leaf: 8 feet (2.4 m)  Longer leaf: 13 feet (4 m)
Approx. operating temperature rang  e-33oF to 165oF (-36oC to 74oC) (For extreme temperature conditions, arctic grade fluid is available upon request)
Hydraulic locking Standard leaf: Available in opened and/or closed positions Longer leaf: Not available
Voltage 115 VAC (1.5 A) or 230 VAC (1 A)
Length 15.75 in. (40 cm)
Width 7.88 in. (20 cm)
Depth 4.88 in. (12.4 cm)

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