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FAAC 746 Chain Gate Operator, FAAC slide gate Operators, FAAC gate Openers.
FAAC 746 Chain Gate Operator, FAAC slide gate Operators, FAAC gate Openers.

FAAC 746 Chain Gate Operator, FAAC slide gate Operators, FAAC gate Openers.

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Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.

The 746 Compact Slide Gate Operator General Characteristics

The FAAC 746 Compact Slide Gate Operator uses Gentle Slide tm Motion Management to slide gates with a pulling force of up to 35 lb. (16 kg). This operator is available in two basic versions, the rack And pinion or the chain version. It comes as a package containing the drive unit and factory-wired electronic control panel inside the top cover of the unit. All external reversing devices and other accessories must be ordered separately.

The advanced design of the operator features a small, self-contained unit composed of an electric motor with a built-in clutch and a reduction gear box, both housed in a die-cast aluminum casing. The rack or chain is driven by the motor to slide the gate.

The FAAC 746 MPS microprocessor control panel is used with the FAAC 746 Slide Gate Operator. The Control panel operates the slide gate according to the DIP switch settings you make for the


• Operating logic (choose 1 of 4)

• Pause time (5 sec to 2 min)

• 5-sec preflashing of an attached warning light the control panel provides power for gate accessories of

24 VDC (pulsed or constant). The maximum recommended amperage draw for accessories should not

Exceed 360 milliamps.

An adjustable friction clutch is located on the input side of the gear box so that when torque exceeds a preset value, the drive torque on the output shaft remains at a constant level.

The 746 operator is also equipped with an electronic speed sensor control device that is designed to help provide anti-crush protection.

Operator, Control Panel, Sprocket Idlers and protective cover Easy install limit
switch plates Mounting angle brackets chain-to-gate mounting hardware with
nickel plated master links Chain is not included (Installation kits available).


Operator, Control Panel, Pinion Mounting angle brackets Limit switch plates
Rack is not included (Installation Kits available).
* 230 VAC
* External limits
* Manual release (non-keyed)
* "Soft Stop” on opening and closing
*3/4 hp motor
* Oil immersed clutch which, when properly adjusted, limits the amount of
pressure the operator can apply to moving the gate.
* Duty Cycle: 30% motor run time
Microprocessor control:
* Choose from 4 operating modes:
* signal to open, signal to close
* automatic logic
* security logic

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