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FAAC 400 CBAC EG (Long) Operator Only 220V #1042021
FAAC 400 CBAC EG (Long) Operator Only 230V

FAAC 400 CBAC EG (Long) Operator Only 220V #1042021

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Part Number:FAAC-1042021


The Model 400 hydraulic swing gate operator

The FAAC Model 400 hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for situations needing maximum versatility, such as certain apartment, subdivision, commercial/industrial and residential applications. It's strength also makes the 400 an excellent choice for large, ornate gates. Hydraulic swing gate operators are inherently safer than other types of operators because they do not have "pinch points." In addition, FAAC operators are equipped with a hydraulic bypass valve for extra anti-entrapment protection, and a manual release that allows the gate to be operated in an emergency, such as power failure. A battery back-up unit is also available.

The FAAC 400 ( 1042021 ) hydraulic system can hydraulically lock your gate in your choice of the opened and/or closed positions. Your gate system will also be set up to provide special options, including "gate-safe" and "gate-secure" configurations:

* Gate-safe: during power outages, a magnetic lock releases a closed gate to permit emergency access.

* Gate-secure: during power outages, an electric lock keeps a closed gate locked. The versatile FAAC control panel allows for six operating modes including garage-door-like operation, and a new HOLD OPEN function.

The FAAC 400 can be mounted inside the gate and still allow the gate to open to the inside or to the outside.

Quiet Efficiency

The motor unit is contained in compact hydraulic unblock housing:

All components are oil-bath lubricated and continuously cooled, require very little maintenance, and are low on electrical power consumption. Reliability is assured under any atmospheric conditions and at extreme temperatures in the range -400C to + 550C.


  • One hydraulic gate operators
  • Mounting hardware
  • One 455 D control panel
  • One 14 x 16 in. weather resistant UL Listed fiberglass enclosure
  • manual release key
  • 115 / 230 VAC receptacles for accessories (5 amp max.)
  • ON/OFF switch controlling power to control panel, accessories and plug outlet
  • Large pre-wired terminals for easy wiring to control panel
  • Test button
  • Two warning signs
  • UL325 compliant
  • Application: Apartment, Subdivision, Commercial, Industrial, Residential
  • Maximum Gate Swing: 115 degrees
  • Opening Time: 17 seconds
  • Maximum weight 1300 pounds per gate
  • Maximum length: 18 feet per gate
  • Cycles: 80 per hour
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 3.35 x 3.35

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