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FAAC types of Gate Operators

Posted by Administrator on 8/29/2013 to Gate Openers

If you are in the market for gate openers, you are very fortunate because there are several types that you can choose from. These automatic openers became popular to homeowners because of the convenience they provide, not mentioning the enhanced security they give. Manufacturers have taken advantage of their popularity and are now offering more choices for people like you.

The most common type is the sliding gate opener. There are two ways of installing the control system of this kind of opener: one at the close gate position and the other at the open gate position. This system has a chain attached to the bottom of the gate. The chain is shuttled back and forth by the gate operator, which is run by an electric motor.

Another type of gate opener is the one run by solar power. The gate operators of this type of opener use deep cycle batteries which are charged and re-charged by solar cells. A typical battery module will allow you to open and close the gate around 10 to 15 times per day. If the gate is used more frequently, you just have to add up additional modules.

Another type of gate opener used particularly in parking lots of commercial establishments is the vehicle gate arm. They are usually installed at the entrance and exit points of the parking area. Most of these gate openers are run by electricity.  Some have arms that reach up to 20 feet although most have arms that only extend up to 10 feet.



Date: 1/6/2016
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