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FAAC 760 Standard Basic Double Gate Operator Kit 115V - Includes Operator, w/ 455D Control Panel, 14"x16" Pre-wired Enclosure and load bearing box

FAAC 760 Standard Basic Double Gate Operator Kit 115V - Includes Operator, w/ 455D Control Panel, 14"x16" Pre-wired Enclosure and load bearing box

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Per UL325-2016 all gate operators sold in the USA after February 2016 will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment.

FAAC 760 Hydraulic Swing Gate Openers .  (( Not longer available click to see new compatibility ))


The FAAC 760 Operator are designed to swing a gate leaf from an unobtrusive in ground installation, thus preserving the appearance of the gate. A FAAC 760 Operator system consists of a hydraulic unit in an in-ground load bearing box and a control panel. The FAAC 760 Operator is designed for gates swinging open up to a maximum of 148 degrees with a 90-deg opening time of 12 sec. The “soft-stop” of the 760 Operator brakes the movement of the gate during the last 10 deg of swing in both the opening and closing directions provided the gate opens 90 deg or more.

Once installed, the FAAC 760 Operator can be removed from the load bearing box without having to remove the gate. For the 760 model, the axis of rotation of the gate leaf must fall along an imaginary plumb line that is at least 1 3/8 in. (3.5 cm) away from the gate side of the pillar/post.

The hydraulic locking of the FAAC 760 Standard models is a service feature that helps to keep a gate fully opened or fully closed. However, we recommend external locking mechanisms for any one of the following situations:

• You are installing the FAAC Model 760 SB or SBS

• The length of the gate leaf is 8 ft or more

• The installation requires tight security

• The site is subject to vandalism

• The site is subject to strong or very gusty wind

• You are installing a solid face gate

For gates with two leaves, an operator is installed on each leaf. The control panel can be programmed to swing one gate leaf slightly later than the other to allow for overlapping gate leaves. The 760 Operator has two bypass valves that control the thrust of the gate leaves. You adjust the two bypass valves located on the 760 Operator to vary the force of the gate as it opens or closes.

Adjusting the bypass valves is necessary for the safety of both people and property. FAAC safety standards state that the gate should stop its movement if it encounters a force of more than 33 lb. The installer of the 760 Operator makes the necessary adjustments to insure safe pressures.

A Manual Release disengages the hydraulic system on the Standard model of the 760 Operator and allows you to operate the gate by hand from either side of the gate

FAAC 760 Hydraulic Swing Gate Opener

Special features of having the drive and power units combined together in-ground

* Hydraulic Operation

* Adjustable hydraulic pressures to control swing

* Minimized pinch points

* Available hydraulic locking of the gate in position

* Quiet Operation

* Self-lubricating for long life

* Opening of up to 148 degrees

* Maximum leaf length: 13-ft (4 m)

* Maximum leaf weight: 1300 lb (590 kg)

* Two year limited warranty

* Maximum gate swing 148 degrees 

* Maximum weight per gate leaf 1300 pounds, (226.8 kg)

* Maximum length per gate leaf 13 feet (4.2 m)

* Approx. operating temperature range -33°F to 165°F (-36°C to 74°C)

* Voltage 115VAC or 230VAC

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