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FAAC 620 Barrier Operators

FAAC 620 Commercial Barrier Openers

Gate openers, Gate Operators or Arm Barrier gate

Speed and Versatility the 620 hydraulic barrier range is fast and reliable with a capability to support up to a 5m beam. The 620 Standard with a duty cycle of 70% will support a 5m beam and bottom skirt with an opening/closing speed of 4 seconds.

The 620 (10465282) Rapid offers a beam length of up to 4m with an opening / closing speed of 2 seconds. The 620 Super Rapid will support a 3m beam and operate in 0.8 seconds. Long Term Reliability The 620 range is equipped with electronic slowdown at the end of the opening and closing cycle providing protection to the barrier mechanism.

The 620 range is also available in stainless steel to offer higher corrosion protection for the most demanding environment. Use of cutting edge materials and treatments such as catachresis and nipple plus tried and tested FAAC hydraulic technology all combine to ensure long life. Built in intelligence for increased flexibility whilst microprocessor control and surface mount technology are the standard, the 624 BLD is a fully programmable control board.

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